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Download (Auto Installation - Internet Required)

Download Version Date Type File Size
Download Vidya 1.4 3-Jan-2018 [Setup] 722 KB
Download Vidya 1.3 15-Nov-2017 [Setup] 722 KB
Download Vidya 1.2 26-Aug-2017 [Setup] 722 KB
Download Vidya 1.1 22-Jul-2017 [Setup] 636 KB

Download (Manual Installation)

Download Version Date Type File Size
Download Vidya 1.4 3-Jan-2018 [Setup] 58.4 MB
Download Vidya 1.3 15-Nov-2017 [Setup] 58.4 MB
Download Vidya 1.2 26-Aug-2017 [Setup] 59.9 MB
Download Vidya 1.1 22-Jul-2017 [Setup] 37.8 MB

WELCOME TO VIDYA - The School Management Software

"Thanks for discovering the World of VIDYA - The School Management ." VIDYA is designed and developed to provide you complete paperless administration & School Management facilities in flexible and simple way.

VIDYA smoothens and automates the functioning of School Management System by having its several integrated features like Student Database Management System, Fee Transaction Management facility, Exam handling and printing facility, Transport Management facility, Inventory Management System, Students Attendance and many more. VIDYA also supports you to generate notices for dues, fine, punishment, indiscipline, etc. Along with this, you can also generate several Certificates like; Transfer Certificates, Character Certificates, etc.

VIDYA is also integrated with VIDYA SMS Feature which provides you flexibility to send SMS to all students/parents or selected students/parents, according to your priority. Not only this, VIDYA also supports Transactional SMS to deliver on DND numbers. The most amazing features of VIDYA are its AUTO Bell Ringing System & Anthem Play, to which you can use according to your scheduled time basis.